Writing Workshop (John Do-be-quick)

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    Today’s workshop consisted of writing a number of words (a name, a place and four descriptive ones) and then passing these to another person to use as the basis for their writing. This writing had to be produced within a time limit of ten-fifteen minutes.

    My words (courtesy of Ken) were:

    John Dobequick, Wizened, at the Greyhound, Cromford, Wizened, Threatningly, Devastation, Totally

    This provoked the following poem (and also a short piece of prose).

    John Do-be-quick

    John Dobequick
    Thick as an old Ent,
    Though not as mobile

    Smiles as he sees someone
    Trying to triple-barrel his name

    Prefers to leave his roots awhile
    Still in the earth,
    His trunk of burnt, pirate dirt

    Not yet opened.

    At The Greyhound, Cromford
    The old seafarer keeps a wary eye
    For the wizened wanderer

    Who might stay too long
    Threateningly vehement
    In his

    drawn-out, just-popping-in-to-make-fun-of someone


    John Dobequick
    Is totally unruffled
    By the falling of such leaves

    And the apparent devastation
    these humans preach,
    breathing subtle whispers upon each other.

    He is not yet quite as wise as an Ent
    But each winter does not dent his resolve,
    Only armours deeper his old skin.

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