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  • Six Little Words (writing workshop)

    February 22nd, 2008 | Sean's Writing, Uncategorized | admin | No Comments

    I REALLY DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE ©Sean Woodward photo credit: fatllama Those were the last six words he ever heard her speak. Anjers suspected, looking back, it was a spinning-tumbler, drum-roll, broken-lock combination of ever darkening events that had led them to that place. Her husband,for example. The sight of his body – dislocated, twisted. […]

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  • Transmedia Alchemist

    February 15th, 2008 | Cyber This, Cyber That, News, Sean's Writing | admin | No Comments

    Conferences, training days and seminars are great ways of re-focusing. Removing yourself from normal environments has a way of crystallising experience. Even as a delegate or guest speaker you soon realise that there is an element of chaos at work, as no matter how well you prepare your notes, like all live events, anything can […]

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  • WordPress iPhone Plugin

    February 8th, 2008 | Cyber This, Cyber That | admin | No Comments

     photo credit: keso This evening I updated the site to the latest (2.3.3) version of WordPress. It was all very painless (something one comes to expect from WordPress) and started to examine areas of increased functionality for this blog. I recently started something similar, reviewing Movable Type’s extendability with my Reality Architecting blog. The first […]

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  • Cyber This, Cyber That

    Cyber This, Cyber That

    February 8th, 2008 | Cyber This, Cyber That | admin | No Comments

    This is the title of an old poem and touches on Sean’s life-long preoccupation with technology. He has been fortunate enough to enjoy a professional association that has involved him with everything from the first Apricot computers, IBM 3270 terminals, DEC terminals, Commodore PET, Commodore Amiga, Apple Macintosh IIsi, Novell and Microsoft LAN technologies to […]

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  • Writing Industries Conference

    February 6th, 2008 | News, Sean's Writing | admin | No Comments

    I am a delegate at the Writing Industries Conference at Loughborough University on Saturday 9th February, 2008. The event, which covers Science Fiction and Fantasy, Poetry and spoken word, fiction and general non-fiction, as well as Commercial and literary fiction is now sold out.  

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  • iPhone Wallpapers

    February 3rd, 2008 | Sean's Art | admin | 1 Comment

    Anyone with an iPhone soon realises they’d like some different wallpapers to take advantage of the luscious display, so here are a few I’ve recently created. Right-Click/Save As to download the full resolution picture. Then just add them to the folder you use to sync photos to your iPhone and then select your favourite as […]

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  • Voodoo Man (writing workshop)

    February 3rd, 2008 | Sean's Writing | admin | No Comments

    Taking a selection of headlines cut from newspapers and magazines  I was immediately drawn to the two words that inspired this: VOODOO MAN I met him at the crossroads. It was dark, almost as black as his own tattered skin. The rain had just finished, exhausted in its efforts to fall and leaving a dry […]

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