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  • Under The Sun cover

    My new album – Under The Sun

    January 23rd, 2022 | Sean's Music | admin | No Comments

                        My new album is released by ZOSHOUSE at Bandcamp – Listen or Own Today With its stripped-down songs like Boleskine Angel, inspired by mystic Aleister Crowley’s experiences in Scotland, William Blake on Ghost of a Flea and the mythical Glastonbury countryside on So Many Stars, […]

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  • Ophidian Tharot of the Abyss by Sean Woodward

    Ophidian Tharot of the Abyss

    January 17th, 2022 | News, Sean's Art | admin | No Comments

    Now available, my Ophidian Tharot of the Abyss. Designed to compliment my book Typhonian Rites of Amenta, the deck is as an oracle, divinatory tool and form of Typhonian invocation that is derived from excursions within the Draconian Temple of the Abyss, the Black Vault and the locale of Da’ath. (There is an introductory essay […]

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