Tarot of the Emissary – now available


    “Although many elements in the gallery of this Tarot may seem very esoteric, Sean is keenly aware of the practical use of the tarot to speak to people at every level. With his commentary, he provides questions and keys whereby anyone may be guided into the wisdom of the oracle. Beyond this is his Vuduverse, ever extending and penetrating deep realms of magical research. Enter these realms and you will find yourself coming into your OWN.”

    – Sovereign Grand Master, OTOA-LCN


    THE FIRST 100 DECKS will include 3 versions of The Magus card.

    80 Cards, 2.75 x 4.75 inches, front and back printed full colour deck with 20 page booklet and card box.

    Designed by Sean Woodward, an initiate of the OTOA-LCN, the Tarot of the Emissary utilises the framework of a traditional 78 card tarot, whilst exploring Voudon Gnostic fields of research that include H.P. Lovecraft, Thelema, Witchcraft, Qabala, Quantum Physics, Gholems and Trans-Yuggothian mechanics. It enters into the mythos of a Vuduverse explored in his essays and prose in publications such as Qliphoth, Sabbatica, Thirteenth Path and Silver Star.

    tarot by Luke Perry


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About The Author

Sean Woodward is a British artist, writer and musician. His art is collected internationally and his essays, fiction and poetry have been published in a number of international publications. He is the author of A Grammar of Spirits, Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom, ARCHONIX, NECRONIX, Erzulie of the Deep, The Grimoire of ZAL and co-author of The Infernal Faces of Hekate. AEONIX and Keys to the Voudon Kingdom are forthcoming from zoshouse.com

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