Kenneth Grant 1924-2011
  • Kenneth Grant, with his wife Steffi, created books that were more than mere pages and pictures. They were magickal totems, memes that lay waiting to be discovered and offered the keys to a worldview based upon the philosophies of Thelema and riddled with adventures from the Darkside. Its perhaps fitting then that I should discover news of his passing whilst undergoing research on the Qlippoth.



    His edition of Magick and Confessions were epic introductions to the life and works of the English mystic Aleister Crowley. His editing of those works, together with The Magical Record were my first introduction the the Libers of that philosophy, long before Magical Childe in New York issued the definitive pocket edition of Liber AL.


    For a long time his introduction to the work of artist Austin Osman Spare was an extremely rare and extremely expensive volume. Magical Revival is a springboard into the oceanic depths of his Typhonian Trilogies. He once kindly inscribed a volume to me and on this dark night I return Vodoun Blessings to Aossic Aiwass, cartographer of the arcane.

    Remembrance Page at Fulgur | The Legacy of Aossic Aiwass 718

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