Art & Photography


    I studied photography at the University of Derby, learning to shoot, process and print Ilford black and white prints. I have used a wide range of cameras (Video, SLRs, Medium format and D-SLRs) including Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Sony and Lomography. I embraced the advent of digital photography owning some of the first Kodak digital cameras. Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S the Hipstamatic app has become my favoured device (although I have bags packed with the other gear should it be needed).



    “An artist, through and through” – PC Format magazine.

    I have worked with a range of traditional materials including pen and ink, acrylic, watercolour, graphite, marker and slate.

    I have also created illustrations and digital designs for PC Format magazine, Mac Art & Design magazine, CAMRA and for the Wirksworth Crown Yard Well Dressing (as Art Director for the British Association of Myasthenics).


    “Really artisitic and uber kuhl!!” – BlueEyedBoy

    Art by Sean Woodward

    1600×1200 pixel wallpapers of my digital art can be at the DeviantArt gallery.

    My work as an artist has been inspired by Salvador Dali, Miro, Tanguay, Dave McKean, Todd McFarlane, Steve Dikto, Clint Langley and Carlos Ezquerra. I have created digital abstract art using applications from MetaCreations and Adobe as well as watercolours, acrylics, mixed-media colages, slate, pen and ink and pencil drawings.

    My illustration covers a number of genres including fantasy art, Science fiction and abstract.



    [New Kindle/iPad publications coming 2012]

    I have created a number of artistamps (also known as faux postage) both material and digital. One of the first examples is in the private collection of the JCM (Jas W Felter Cyberspace Museum).

    I was appointed the Ambassador to Cyberspace for the International Union of Mailartists, in 1998. I was also an Admin for the Facebook chapter of The Amorphous International Mail Art Network .

    I have curated a number of mail art projects which are documented together with my own work at Planet Dada Mailart. (formerly Planet Dada Studios)

    I also edit the irregular mailart zine 191, which can be downloaded for free from Dragonheart Press.


    Abstract Digital Art by Sean Woodward

    My work has appeared in the following exhibitions and collections:

    Franticham’s Assembling Box Nr. 5, Red Fox Press (Ireland) 2010
    Dame’s Portrait Gallery, Mailarta (USA)  2010
    Capolan Exchange, Red Scott (USA) 1997-1998
    Griffin & Sabine Exchange, Suki Aitchenson(UK) 1997-1998
    Artist Trading Cards, Copy-Left (Switzerland) 1998
    Kreuz-Aktionen, Wilfried Nold (Germany) 1998
    Capolan Tarot, Lisa Ward (USA) 1998
    Fortune Deck, Keely Barham (USA) 1998
    Remembering Assisi, Lia Garavini (Italy) 1998
    Mail Artist`s Tarot, K Frank Jesson (Denmark) 1998
    From The Heart, Dennis Jordan (USA) 1998
    Postal Goddess, Dennis Jordan (USA) 1988
    Easter Island, Dennis Jordan (USA) 1998
    Exquiste Suare, ASKAlice Art Exchange net (USA) 1998
    Mail Artist`s Tarot, K Frank Jesson (Denmark) 1997
    Mail Art Tarot, Gypsy Sherred (UK) 1997
    Absolut, Red Scott (USA) 1997
    Memo(random), Robin Crozier(UK/Getty Archive) 1997-1998
    Dada Deux, Tanya Roseberry(USA) 1998
    My Heart Belongs to Dada, Mary Bartrop(USA) 1997
    In Praise of Enid Blyton, Pat Collins(UK) 1997
    Star Wars Mailart Project, Madhouse Productions(UK) 1997
    First International Shopping Trolley Art Show (Royal Accademy, ICA, 1996)
    Tomorrow`s Past, Derby Community Arts, 1992
    Tomorrow`s Past, Derby Central Library, 1992

    I welcome commissions for digital, acrylic and photographic illustration.