The Revolution Has Begun – Gothick at KILL YOUR GODZ
  • Gothick at KILL YOUR GODZ!

    Sean’s band Gothick is proud to be a part ov thee KILL YOUR GODZ project.

    It is time for a revolution. Are you on board. Sure, the Industrial Godfathers are entertaining… but wouldn’t you want to be a GOD? Don’t you think YOU should be a GOD?

    April 1st through the 4th will show all the talent that it is out there.

    No longer will you need to spend your money on over priced CD’s by artists who are living on WHAT THEY USE TO BE! Musick is meant to be shared. Become a legend. Become FREE. Become a GODZ.

    KILL YOUR GODZ will be a new home for artists who need to be heard.

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About The Author

Sean Woodward is a British artist, writer and musician who stands at the crossroads between technology and the arts, between the supernatural and the mundane, the light and the dark. His art is collected internationally and his essays and fiction have been published in a number of newsstand, limited and digital editions.

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