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    Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom
    Many have asked me a wide range of questions regarding The Voudon Gnostic Workbook of Michael Bertiaux and the system it introduces. As an initiate of the OTOA-LCN I have always balanced those answers with the caveat of deferral to a living, vibrant magickal Order. Some answers therefore can only be delivered by the Hoodoo and Les Vudu themselves, but this book sets out to address some of the more common ones such as:

    Who are the Hoodoo?
    What is the initiate process?
    Why did the Voudon Gnostic path call me?
    What is a Were-Spider or a Spider-Sorceror?
    What is the relationship with Tibetan Bon?
    How do I become a Lucky Hoodoo?
    What’s the difference between the Contraite and The Hoard of Gold?
    Does the Holy Guardian Angel exist in this system?
    What is sacred sex magick?
    What are the Points Chauds?

    Do you have further questions? Is there any area of the gnosis that confuses you still? For the next two months I will be accepting additional questions via and these will be addressed in the publication.

    If you are interested in reviewing the work on its release, then please also let me know as the first ten reviewers will receive a digital Advanced Reader Copy and your name in the book. This is the opportunity to be part of something inspiring, to have the personal satisfaction of helping me to create something meaningful for newcomers and seasoned travelers on this path alike – Please note the REVIEWERS LIST IS NOW CLOSED.

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