Tonight’s theme is “tango”

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    The theme for this week is “tango” – quite limited it would seem.

    Searching for background information on the word I was happy to see that there was a Japanese reference. I was then able to draw upon my experiences of travelling across Japan to write the poem. The critique it received was very positive, drawing my atttention to punction (which I often neglect) , which is corrected in this version. My original final line was also dropped to give greater emphasis to this ending. Interpretations of the piece were mixed – although one person picked up on the theme of reincarnation that permates this poem.

    So here it is :

    No Kuni

    You spend all your hours with Kami,
    An ancestral spirit before your time
    Chained to the changing chimes of the sea.
    In Tango Province, we met
    In the Nara period, people scattered in villages
    Whispering their prayers
    At the festival of the new Buddha.

    Archers on horseback
    Gallop past, down the path
    To the now frozen stars.
    Arrows fly past
    Intricate carved treasures from the Silk Road
    Wrapped in charm laden scrolls,
    Wrapped in curses of gold calligraphy.

    The old ways remain
    Upon the streets of forgotten Tango Province,
    We met when you wore that different name
    And I, I expect you do not recognise me
    In the lame beggar at the shrine,
    Only his eyes
    Holding the shining lantern light.

    You spend all your hours with Kami,
    Now that we are forever apart
    Chained for the raging crimes of the heart.
    In No Kuni, we pass one another
    In the present era, souls scattered like blossom.

    Other people wrote of the history of Tango, the dance, an amusing short piece concerning a telephone conversation where it’s used to spell out a irritating sales company’s name and a stong piece of dialogue about two teenage girls, one wantintg to change her name to Tango because of fond childhood memories attached to it.

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