My book, THE GRIMOIRE OF ZAL now available
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    “As a Gnostic, my most valuable resource is time. This book gets straight to the point in an easy to follow manner. All one needs is a basic understanding of emanation theory and the tree of life. Bravo sir. I think you have created a new style of grimoire.”

    “I just got listening to the Voice of Silence. I think it just became my favorite ritual music CD. It almost put me in a full trance, and I am not one to trance out easy.”

    “Superb and deeply illuminating. In a league of its own.”

    “A grammar of high magick, a school of magical life.”

    “One becomes bombarded by visions of the arcane”

    “The Grimoire of ZAL is unlike anything I’ve experienced before, a deeply absorbing and intensely contacted gateway to arcane dreamscapes and trans-personal awareness. Magnificent.”


    The Grimoire of ZAL is a totemic book retrieved from contacts deep within the Iz-za-Zahal Cult of Leng. It gives the history of its dark rites and the secret Six Bodies teaching which lead to the knowledge of the Secret Angel and the inter-incarnational powers of the initiate. Touching upon Tibetan tantric teachings, Bon-Po and the medieval Arthurian mysteries it is a journey that starts in the bayous of Louisiana and leads to the secret tantric temple of Lukhang and then beyond to the dread Leng system and its exiled sorcerers.

    Explore the dread magicks of Leng in this volume born of the author’s work with the Necronomicon-Physics and Time-Stations of La Couleuvre Noire. It builds upon the historic work of its Lovecraft Coven and the Leng Mythos of the current author.

    “It is therefore the task of the modern magician to also create his own grimoires, to navigate his own Vuduverse. It is clear that once engaged in this exploration that there are areas of similarity, bright oasis in the desert of wandering, touch points as familiar today as they were centuries earlier to the now forgotten sages and the seekers of antiquity. Such grimoires are born of the experiences and explorations of the magician, of the luminous and the liminal, of that easily seen and that which remains occult.” – from The Introduction

    Illustrated throughout by the author the standard edition includes a cover designed by Sean Woodward and Matt Baldwin-Ives.


    The deluxe edition featuires a blind stamped sigil of the cultus.

    Standard Edition, hardback, 120gms paper with The Voice of Silence ritual music CD – $70 + $15 shipping
    Deluxe Edition, leather bound hardback, 120gms paper, The Voice of Silence ritual music CD, 5 full colour art cards, Tibetan style mala beads and bag – $250 + $50 shipping

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About The Author

Sean Woodward is a British artist, writer and musician. His art is collected internationally and his essays, fiction and poetry have been published in a number of international publications. He is the author of A Grammar of Spirits, Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom, ARCHONIX, NECRONIX, Erzulie of the Deep, The Grimoire of ZAL and co-author of The Infernal Faces of Hekate. AEONIX and Keys to the Voudon Kingdom are forthcoming from

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