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  • The moment I knew I was a fraud (writing workshop)

    April 22nd, 2008 | Uncategorized | admin | No Comments

    Fraud involves the use of deception for personal gain. That deception can include a number of acts, such as falsely representing oneself, failing to disclose relevant information or abusing a position. It struck me, as I stood in the lobby waiting for the limousine, that I was engaging in all of the necessary requisites of […]

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  • The Photograph (short story from The Cabal)

    January 15th, 2008 | Sean's Writing | admin | No Comments

    New Year, new deadlines! Plenty of catching up on the writing schedule! The Photograph For thirty years I’ve carried the image in a magnetically clamped locket. Originally there were two photographs, but the second of the pair had an allure that would not leave me. Her face within that brass oval was not harsh or […]

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