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  • New Year, New Apps, New Reads!

    January 15th, 2012 | Sean's Writing | admin | No Comments

    15 days in and its already like the holiday season never happened! Following an iPad upgrade I’ve been thinning out the apps, trying to only load what is essential. This includes Flipboard, Dropbox¬† and Manuscript. Also a great new app called Mixel which instantly brings out your inner collager! You can see an example I […]

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  • Six Little Words (writing workshop)

    February 22nd, 2008 | Sean's Writing, Uncategorized | admin | No Comments

    I REALLY DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE ¬©Sean Woodward photo credit: fatllama Those were the last six words he ever heard her speak. Anjers suspected, looking back, it was a spinning-tumbler, drum-roll, broken-lock combination of ever darkening events that had led them to that place. Her husband,for example. The sight of his body – dislocated, twisted. […]

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  • ICE (short story from Death Codex)

    November 21st, 2007 | Sean's Writing | admin | No Comments

    No set subject this week so I return once again to the space opera Death Codex. This is a scene from earlier in the novel. Let me lead you gently into events with a quick flashback to Chapter 2: At the jetty one of the two-seater surface skimmers blasted by, its bow barely missing the […]

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