House of the Witch Published by Screaming Dreams
  • Halloween 2008 Issue

    House of the Witch by Sean Woodward is published in the 2008 e.v Halloween issue of Estronomicon. It is a tale of The Cabal, a mysterious group who have guarded many occult secrets for generations. This Halloween, Stefan Anderson takes part is a seance at the famous Rose Hall plantation house in Jamaica. Unknown to him, a trail of bloodshed is already following him. Read more in the free PDF

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About The Author

Sean Woodward is a British artist, writer and musician who stands at the crossroads between technology and the arts, between the supernatural and the mundane, the light and the dark. His art is collected internationally and his essays, fiction and poetry have been published in a number of international publications. He is the author of Keys to the Hoodoo Kingdom, Erzulie of the Deep, The Grimoire of ZAL and co-author of The Infernal Faces of Hekate. Vudutronix: Selected Art, Essays & Lectures, Archonix: The Chronicles of Leng and Keys to the Inner Kingdom are forthcoming.

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