Appearing at THE OCCULT CONFERENCE, Glastonbury 21.3.15
  • I will be presenting the following at The Occult Conference in Glastonbury, UK this year :

    “Voudon Gnostic Invocation”

    A lecture exploring the interaction with the spirits of Lucky Hoodoo, the Trans-Yuggothian denizens and the North as the seat of the old gods of the magicians of Atlantis. The Voudon Gnostic experience encourages a relationship of invocation with its gods and guardians and the magician’s Ontic sphere. As well as drawing on my own published works such as “Spider Sorcerers of Universe B” (Sabbatica, Sirius Limited Esoterica, 2015) and “A Hieroglyphic Exegesis of the Gholem Gnosis” (Qliphoth, Transmutation Publishing, 2014) I will be sharing insights from over 30 years of esoteric study and practice.

    “A Hyper Vudu Toolkit”

    A workshop focusing on divination and exploring the hyper range of  vudu tools used in the Voudon Gnostic tradition. As the creator of the Carrefour Tarot based on the teachings of the Monastery of the Seven rays and the Tarot of the Emissary, I shall be demonstrating these as well as the ways in which they relate to magickal machines, time-stations, the mirroire fantastique, portals and the use of devotional and evocation art.

    The Occult Conference is presented by The Visible College, with tickets and more information available from

    I have also created art and design for both The Occult Conference and The Visible College Spring Session posters:

    image  image

    My information page can be found at :

    SW - The Occult Conference Glastonbury




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