A Hieroglyphic Exegesis of the Gholem Gnozis published in Qliphoth I.IV
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    “I have always felt – I have always, always, always felt, that somehow Hebrew magic and Voodoo have many cognates, as many books have sought to show, e.g. Milo Rigaud, etc” – Michael Bertiaux

    The Voudon-Kabbalistic Gholem Sorcery flows through bloodlines, from the time of Rabbi Moses ben Abraham of Worms, via the works of Franz Bardon, to the present day. Pointing sticks of the Torah sit side by side with the fetish and candles and contraite of the Big Lucky Hoodoo. Whilst the traditional framework of the Etz Chayim is exploded into a diversity of worlds, the energies and numbers of the Hebrew alphabet remain keys to an inter-dimensional puzzle and aeons old conflict.

    To embrace this gnozis, to understand its import and reason for existence our consciousness must travel unfettered upon golden threads, upon lines that traverse the universe like glowing threads of a bright web, brought into being by each moment that we fully exercise the faculty of Gholem Sorcery. Far below the clouds we have become immune to the turning of our world, to the subtle runes of change that mark the days, their length growing shorter with every passing instant. It is only the slow displacement of the sun in the sky and the shortening days that give any indication of our planetary motion through space, preserved by magnetic fields from the damage of cosmic rays and solar flares.

    The Loa, their beings liberated from the shackles of our gravity, pass between ocean and sky, between nebula and star, their eyes burning with the light of distant binary suns. They perceive our journey through the solar system and the subtle structures of atomic light that infuses all of our existence. In their eternal bodies they feel the alignments and conjunctions, are illuminated with subtle lights when the planets have line of sight with one another, when the changing aspect of Saturn’s rings influences the Earth or the Trans-Yuggothic energies flow upon the solar winds.

    from my essay, A Hieroglyphic Exegesis of the Gholem Gnozis, that appears in the new Qliphoth edited by Edgar Kerval. As well as documenting the ancient history of the Archons and the Gholem Army and revealing the Secret of the Temple of the 221 Gates it also reveals their secret names, numbers and conjurations!


    Also featured are two of my illustrations, Gholem Meditation and Gholem Bride.

    Qliphoth IV, Quintessence, The Hidden Temple of the Blackened Serpent (Opus IV, Esoteric Publication), is a full black leather illustrated and titled in metallic crimson, with raised bands to spine, thick black end-pages, silk page marker. Edition limited to 111 hand-numbered copies.

    It is available from Transmutation Publishing.

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