Voudon City album released
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    VOUDON CITY, the new album by Gothick features 14 new songs of life, love and death inspired by the practices of the Voudon Gnostic Workbook, Bizango secret societies in Haiti and Palo Mayombe in Havana. The album features West African drums, bottleneck guitar and the ‘languid knowing vocal that references the like of Andrew Eldritch’. It comes with an 18 page booklet of original art and lyrics.

    As the Producer of the album, I spent many hours in the studio in front of Logic Studio, deleting dead air from vocals, balancing levels and mixing channels, trying to capture the close-up mic live feeling of the playing whilst trying to keep everything from topping out. The mixing and production process is probably just as lengthy as recording, if not more so. Sometimes though, when you get to version 8 of a song, you know the only real option is to put it aside and start fresh. That happened a couple of times and the songs are that much richer for it.

    The album is available now from Bandcamp.



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Sean Woodward is a British artist, writer and musician who stands at the crossroads between technology and the arts, between the supernatural and the mundane, the light and the dark. His art is collected internationally and his essays and fiction have been published in a number of newsstand, limited and digital editions.

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