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    “a whole bazaar of pleasure to be found in his lyrics”- Ellen Simpson, Hierophant Nox

    In 2008 Sean Woodward’s Gothick wrote and recorded a free (Creative Commons licensed) trilogy based on the three chapters of Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. Convokation Ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the third and final part of the NU-HAD-RA trilogy and is available on the Bleak netlabel.

    DOWNLOAD IT HERE (available in OGG, FLAC & MP3 formats)

    Part I, Invokation Ov Nuit, was released on Amduscias Records, and can be downloaded here.
    Part II, Evokation Ov Hadit, was released on Delta Wave Underground, find it via myspace. (New hosting under review due to Megaupload closure).

    Visit Gothick’s Site to learn of new releases and more.